Automatic Door Opener

The technical term for an Automatic Door Opener is Automatic Door Operators and they are designed to the highest BS7036 standards. Key to our success is supplying products that are highly robust and can handle the heavy workload required by commercial premises. 

Electric door openers can either be installed by our team of ADSA accredited engineers or supply-only, and we supply solutions for both automatic swing doors and automatic sliding doors. 

For automatic swing doors, our top selling automatic door opener is the ADSF BAT S1 Standard Electric Door Opener. It can be used as a low energy 'push and go' door or fully automatic and is suitable for a wide range of applications such as high volume traffic external doors (used in shopping malls, hotels, garden centres, hospitals, colleges, schools, and many more). 

For automatic sliding doors our most popular automatic door opener is the ADSF 1000 Commercial Slide Operator. It is a straight sliding electric door opener that is ready for delivery next day. It is suitable for commercial, trade and retail use and is used in high street stores, airports and shopping malls. A very reliable, durable and flexible product with battery backup for power cuts. 

To see our complete range of automatic door operators (automatic door openers) and door release activation & safety sensors and accessories please see or Online Trade Counter. You will find everything you need from door operators to push pads, sensors and signage.